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This is my second time around, I had 1.5 years of treatment with interferon in 1991 and it was not effective. I started treatment for chronic hepatitis C, geno 1a. Harvoni is taken once a day for 12 weeks. I’m on day 6. Will have blood work done in one month. Cure rate is 95%. The side effects are minimal compared to the payoff– to be cured for life!!!

Besides the normal side effects: The first day I took treatment I would start to talk and my mind was blank (memory issues) found out the tablet is covered with aluminum (which is banned in other countries) this is so it doesn’t taste bad. So, I rinse off the coating, then take tablet. Also, I was taking treatment in the day at 11am, within an hour, I became very irritated and moody. So I changed to taking it at night and it helped with sleeping through the night too.

I have had Hep C for 40 years and my viral load up to 45,000,000. I have kept myself alive with juice fasting. Blood work results..Stage: F0= no fibrosis, ActiTest Score: A0-A1, no activity…a normal liver! GGT 22.

I was amazed at my Doctors response about fasting. He said you have allowed your organs to rest and heal. I already knew this because in 2010 when another doctor did a liver biopsy…he could not believe my liver was normal. He sent liver biopsy back twice…documenting that this is remarkable! At that time doctor said keep doing what you’re doing and wait for a cure. And now that time has come.

I am SO very excited to be cured!!!